Dating sonogram pregnancy

It seems to just depend on how sensitive you are to pregnancy hormones, mine were monitored because I had bleeding at 5 4 weeks and they were rocketing up quickly but eventually levelled out Thanks for the answers guys, It looks like I must of ovulated later than normal.Forgot to mention I had the implanon (contraceptive rod in arm) about 3 months before getting pregnant and was on/off the pill a month before pregnancy occurred don't know if this has any impact on ovulation?However, in the first trimester there is very little variation in fetal size, and so it turns out that an ultrasound done between 7 and 13 weeks is the most accurate. Compare the maximum error that each ultrasound can potentially have, and you'll see what I mean: This means that a pregnancy for which no period dates are available, and who did not get an exam or ultrasound until the third trimester, can have an EDC which could conceivably fall within a range as broad as 42 days! The main situation where this can cause a bit of friction between provider and patient is when the patient has uncertain dates, and/or a late ultrasound, and feels like she's close enough to full term to ask for her labor to be induced, yet she has a cervix which is unripe, or unfavorable for induction.This can sometimes lead, if one isn't careful, to unnecessary induction of labor, which can result in unnecessary cesarean section, or delivery of a premature baby, who then requires transfer to a special care nursery.Im getting quite concerned thinking my baby is not growing properly?

Other information used to calculate the gestational age, or the number of weeks and days from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP), includes the size of the uterus on pelvic bimanual examination.The month I got my positive cycle was only 34 days which is relatively short for me.However last year when I got my positive my cycle was 48 days.With today's modern equipment, we can obtain very reliable images and measurements of even very early pregnancies, sometimes even seeing a heartbeat as early as 5-6 weeks!The most common misconception we encounter almost daily, has to do with how accurate ultrasounds are in fixing the EDC at different stages of pregnancy.

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